Twene Jonas Blasts Prophet Badu Kobi For Fake Euro 2020 & Copa America Prophecies

Twene Jonas, Ghana’s youth President-elect, has slammed Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi for making false prophecies ahead of the Copa America and Euro 2020 finals.

Remember, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi predicted before of the Euro 2020 finals that England will win and carry the cup home, but it never happened.

Furthermore, the famous man of God foretold that Brazil will win the Copa America, but this did not occur in fact, as Argentina won the final match.

Twene Jonas has come out stronger to silence Prophet Badu Kobi in the aftermath of several unsuccessful prophesies.

Badu Kobi has a mental issue, according to Twene Jonas, and should be sent to Ankaful for therapy. Jonas has stated that no one should take the man of God seriously since he is a fraud who has no idea what he is talking about.

He went on to encourage parents who had sent their children to Badu Kobi’s church camp for healing to counsel themselves and seek competent medical treatment rather than placing their faith in a false prophet.


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