Joho Narrates How An Elderly Woman And Her Children Got Covid-19 From Home

Joho narrated how an elderly woman and her children got COVID-19 from home.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has narrated a worrying story of how an elderly woman and her seven children contracted Covid-19 from an unknown person.

The Governor was speaking on Sunday, May 10, in a meeting with residents of Old Town, Mombasa, an area was placed on a 15-day partial lockdown.

Joho said that the woman didn’t go looking for it:

One woman and she was an elderly woman, she didn’t go out looking for it, for sure she didn’t go out looking for it. She contracted the disease from home, she has to have gotten the disease from home. Where else would an elderly woman have gotten the virus from. There has to be someone who infected her at home. Someone might have greeted her and gave her Corona. Now we have tested all her children, she was blessed with 14 children, seven tested negative, seven tested positive. They are at the Technical University of Mombasa where they are receiving treatment.

Mombasa is also a COVID-19 hot spot.

Mombasa comes second to Nairobi with the highest number of Covid-19 cases and lately has been registering the highest number of deaths from the virus.

Joho also noted that the disease escalated following a number of people failing to self-quarantine after travelling from abroad.

Joho also noted:

The first case in Kenya was reported on March 13. The first case here was reported on March 19. After those cases, there was a lot of discussion about Corona. All that is being said now is something that was said before. In the first case that was reported, people were told to self-quarantine. What people will run away from saying is that many people did not follow this. When it got a point where the government decided on forced quarantine, it is because many people flouted self-quarantine and the effect is the spread of the disease.

On Thursday, May 7, the Governor also revealed a case where five people from Mombasa fled with their families after testing positive for Covid-19. Three were later found with a fourth person being found dead.


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