John Dumelo Tells Government “Ghana’s Weed Is Good, Legalize It And Make More Money”

Actor cum Politician, John Dumelo, has reiterated his calls for Ghana to legalize the growing of marijuana as it proves to be a major source of revenue.

He believes marijuana holds the key to providing revenue for Ghana more than any other crop in the world and the earlier the country realizes it the better for development and growth.

John Dumelo made this known in a tweet.

John Dumelo OMG

He indicated that countries keep legalizing the use and planting of marijuana citing Germany as the latest in Europe.

“Germany is set to make billions of Euros from taxes by legalizing marijuana. Then we will turn around and go and borrow that same money with interest for our development, forgetting that we(Ghana) grow the best marijuana in the world. Ain’t we smart?”

John Dumelo is among some Ghanaians who believe that the government needs to tap into the marijuana market because of its potential to provide the needed revenue.

He has used his social media platforms to promote the product and believes that with the kind of marijuana Ghana has it will be good business for the country.


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