John Dumelo Says His Mother Wanted Him To Become A Roman Father

Actor and politician, John Dumelo, says his mother wanted him to become a priest because he grew up in a Catholic household.

According to him, he was urged to join the seminary because he served mass well.

In a recent interview with Accra-based YFM, John Dumelo said,

“I used to serve mass and at a point, I think my mother even wanted me to be a Reverend Father but that calling, I beat am.”

“When you serve mass well, they will probably tell you to go to Pope John Senior High School and continue to the seminary and so on but nah, [sic],” he told host.

Although the actor admitted that he enjoyed serving mass when he was a little boy, he added that he cannot serve anymore.

“Now I grow so I no go fit serve mass but it was a beautiful experience, [sic],” he noted.


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