Here’s Why Jeff Koinange Owes Part Of His Huge Success To A Shoe Shiner

Jeff Koinange owes part of his huge success to a shoe shiner.

Sometimes opportunity comes from the most unexpected places thus everyone should learn how to respect even the lowly in society because they too can change our lives.

Television giant Jeff Koinange owes part of his huge success to a shoe shiner who saw potential in him and helped him join CNN.

He explained on Facebook:

In 2001, Jeff’s career had started taking off and he was a force to reckon with back in South Africa.

In a video narration on Facebook, the Citizen TV news anchor said he worked for Reuters at the time and thought he was at the peak of his career.

How wrong! One day while attending a function at CNN, Vice President Chris from the media company spotted him and offered the “oh my” journalist a spot at the station.

Turned down the offer.

The catch was, the opening was in Nigeria and Jeff lived in the golden city of Johannesburg.

As he was not ready to make that move, the father of one turned down the offer.

The news presenter said:

They were opening a new branch in Nigeria and wanted me to work there but I could not risk leaving the comfort of Johannesburg to go to Nigeria.

Jeff was then asked to accompany the head to US and have a look at how things operated at the company before making a permanent decision.

The TV host narrated.

I flew to the US and was amazed by how they produced news, the process it took and how the place operated for a solid 24 hours. I met with Ethan, one of the bosses and we had a deep chat before going out for a walk.

Once he was done chatting up with one of the bosses, Jeff and Ethan walked down and met a cobbler named Doc.

Jeff remembered.

Ethan agreed and was happy that the cobbler had given the go-ahead for the illustrious scribe to join them.

He said:

Do not worry man, you are alright. You can do alright here at CNN.’ He turned to Ethan and winked at him, and Ethan gave him a high-five, and then he looked at me and said I like you, young man, I think you are going to finely fit in.

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