Jacque Maribe Sends A Sweet Message To Her Baby Daddy Eric Omondi

Jacque Maribe sent a sweet message to her baby daddy Eric Omondi.

Former media personality Jacque Maribe celebrated her baby daddy Eric Omondi’s birthday with a touchy message to the comedian.

Maribe shared a photo of Eric chilling out with their son to celebrate the comedian’s 42nd birthday.

Her sweet message to her baby daddy.

Maribe expressed her gratutude to Eric for giving her their son Zahari, describing Eric as “an important piece of puzzle her their lives (her and her son).”

Here’s what she wrote:

The best thing you ever gave me was Zahari, and for that, I am forever grateful to you. As you celebrate your birthday (later with us tonight) we remind you that you are an important piece of the puzzle that is our life.

She also added that she would share a long post about their lives

Happy birthday @ericomondi and I’ll put up that long post alert of our life one day like you said.

The two seem to have rekindled their old relationship, if photos and holiday vacation together is anything to go by.

In a recent interview, Eric gave details of how he met Maribe.

I met Jacque when we were working at Radio Africa. We became very close friends and our first date was at Java in Sarit Center. Then we both left and went to Citizen. Since then we’ve tight. We’re the best of friends and we YOLO and no matter what happens, we’ll remain best of friends. And this we remind urselves every day. She’s a true friend.

But the main question still begs, where has Eric been all these years?


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