Jalang’o Betrays The Men’s Conference And Shared These Romantic Photos Of His Bae

Jalang’o left the men’s conference and shared these romantic pictures.

Forget what Jalang’o tells you because he will most likely leave you there. The radio personality always dishes out advice to men about women that sometimes you can forget that he’s actually married to one woman. While there have been rumours from people like Edgar Obare that J’alango is a cheat, Jalas continues to prove that no matter what people say he still has nothing but love for his wife. Over valentine’s J’alango shared some photos of him and his wife in matching sweatshirts and some of his fans bashed him for ditching them.

Here are the photos:

1. Well he is definitely romantic, don’t be lied to

Screenshot 2020 02 17 at 12.32.06

2. They went for the Buju Banton show and rocked similar outfits

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 3. He clearly doesn’t mind public display of affection

Screenshot 2020 02 17 at 12.32.23

4. Lucky wife right?

Screenshot 2020 02 17 at 12.36.45

Next time you’re busy following a celebrities advice about your relationship you need to remember they always find a way of keeping their house in check.

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