Jaguar Says He Really Hated Nameless And Redsan For Being Successful Before Him

Jaguar has admitted that he hated Nameless and Redsan for being successful.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva, Jaguar said it was not easy for him to become successful in the music industry.


He got his shot at fame and success, with Kigeugeu being his biggest hit.

He recounted a time he went for a US tour with big artists and ended up looking for a sweeping job instead.

“On my second trip, Nameless and Kleptomaniax were touring, so I could not get shows. So instead, I worked as a sweeper in Maryland. I used to work for 18 hours and saved the money. That is how I made my first million.”

Jaguar said many of his friends started rumors after seeing his success.

“They said I sold drugs and had a sugar mummy. So I wrote Kigeugeu for friends who turned against me. I thank those who hated me because if not for them, I would not have released the hit,” he said.

Jaguar also thanked former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for supporting his music.

“I remember Raila went to an interview and said that Kigeugeu was his favorite song and that song was loved by people after that.”

Source: Classic 105

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