Is Betty Kyallo A Deadbeat Mother?

Is Betty Kyallo a deadbeat mother?

When you see public figures on social media they look like they have everything together. However, they are normal ordinary human beings with probably a bit more money and fame. But when your life is in the public eye, everyone will have something to say especially when you dig your own grave. Betty Kyallo recently accused her nanny of theft, this is a huge allegation. On her Instagram she revealed how much she pays her nanny and stated that regardless of how much you pay a nanny they can still wrong you.

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Here’s what she wrote:

Aren’t there bureaus that can vet nannies and support you even when you employ them to ensure they are doing right by your home and children? Mums and dads we need to wake up and protect our children and homes.

The biggest mistake Betty made was publicizing her problems with her nanny.

Ms. Wawira who is a mother of two talked to Tuko and denied stealing from Betty. Wawira claimed that Betty was in fact never there for her daughter and sometimes even lacked food in the house. Betty had hired her for her daughter Ivanna especially because her daughter was ill and needed proper care. Wawira reported that she was always the one with Ivanna and she took good care of her despite the hardships.

Here’s what Wawira said:

Ivanna still had pipes in her, even the food pipe. She couldn’t do anything for herself, she couldn’t lift herself, and she couldn’t walk. My job was to carry her everywhere. Even therapy I’m the one who used to take her to therapy with a taxi.

She added that sometimes she would even sleep with Betty’s daughter spent more time with her than her own mother did. Betty’s fans have since attacked Betty and asked her to take care of her home before living lavishly on social media.

Betty has not said much about what the nanny said but has kept her head above backlash.



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