I’ll Always Choose My Mum Over Any Woman – self declared ‘King of Bling’ Prezzo Says

Pioneer rapper CMB Prezzo, real name Jackson Makini, has opened up about why he is yet to re-marry, years after separating from his wife and mother of his child.

Prezzo says his mother will always come first because of the many challenges she has endured after she lost her husband – Prezzo’s dad.

Speaking in an interview, the ‘Naleta Action’ hitmaker shared,

“My mum comes first. Whoever said the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach lied.”

Prezzo was married to Daisy Kiplagat but the marriage went south pretty fast.

The self-declared ‘King of Bling’ further added:

“Once you are okay with your mother-in-law then things will be smooth but if not then it’s not up for discussion.”

Asked whether he is a mama’s boy, Prezzo responded in the affirmative stating that nothing is going to change what he feels about his mum.

“There is no other artiste who has suffered media brutality as I have. If I was soft I would have broken down by now. My dad passed away while I was 13 and my mum had to play the role of both mum and dad.”

“She has been through a lot and I love her for that. It does not matter whether you are 40 or 17 you are always your mother’s child. People who pull the ‘mama’s boy’ card are just miserable.”

He continued,

“I recently opened the first grill company in Africa, it’s called Grills By Prezzo. The grills are customized. A mama’s boy cannot do half the things I do. I will always give her the respect she deserves. She has always been there for me during the bad and good times.”


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