I Will Choose The Bible Over 1 Million Dollars – Guru

Ghanaian rapper, Guru has said in the latest interview with Pulse News that he’ll choose a Holy Bible over a billion dollars in cash.

His comment comes as a surprise to most people considering the fact people now value material things than spirituality and would go all lengths to get their heart desire.

Some men are resorting to fraud while some women too are sleeping with rich married men in exchange for money. Either way, both parties are using unorthodox means to make money.

Guru has however indicated that listening to the word of God is what makes him happy and would not trade anything for that.

He made it clear that he doesn’t joke with his prayer life at all.

Speaking on his taste of ladies, the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hitmaker made it clear that he’ll choose a skinny girl over a chubby one.



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