I Met Fella Makafui On Facebook – Medikal Shares Their Romantic Love Story

Medikal and Fella Makafui’s relationship has always been shrouded with controversy when the former had a very public breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Sister Deborah. Now according to Medikal, Facebook happened to be the place where he found his wife.

Speaking with BBC Pidgin about married life and choices, Medikal disclosed that he met Fella Makafui on the popular social networking Facebook. And according to him, they courted for longer than people believe they did, but it was all hidden and intermediate.

“I met her on Facebook, and we started to vibe. Then I took her number and then we continued talking. We lost contact, and then we started talking again after a while. Yeah, we were on and off. That was all. Then things happened.”

He also asserted that his decision to tie the knot early with Fella Makafui was his own choice to build his life with only one woman.

“I don’t want t sway away from a lot of things. I don’t want to be carried away by a lot of things. Because I am inside showbiz and in showbiz business, we peak when we reach certain levels. Somebody would like to chill out with a lot of girls. But I don’t have that perception. Everybody is different. I am not against anyone who is a polygamous lover. But my mindset is about having a nice family with a beautiful wife and children. And to entertain and do my show business as well.”

According to Medikal, having a daughter with the love of his life is a blessing. He takes parenting seriously as he mentions that his daughter motivates him to work very hard. So they can provide her with the kind of life they didn’t have growing up.

Fella and Medikal also revealed that they have already put things in place to ensure that their daughter, Island, has a bright future. They mentioned a savings account that was opened for their baby as soon as she took seed.


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