I K!lled Rawlings, Atta Mills & Otumfuo’s Mother – Cr@zy Afia Schwar Claims In New Video

Afia Schwarzenegger is definitely high on cheap drugs following this new video she filmed and uploaded on Instagram of her blowing contradictory notions.

Afia, whose middle name should have been spelled ‘controversy,’ presented herself to people viewing her for the first time as a troublemaker, following which she disclosed that she is responsible for the horrible things that happen in Ghana, including the deaths of high-profile persons.

The TV and radio personality said she was responsible for the deaths of Ghana’s first president, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Atta Mills, and Jerry John Rawlings.

Afia Schwar claimed in her video, interspersed with ominous laughing, that she has reached a moment in life where nothing, even what others say about her, mattered to her anymore, and then continued to use filthy words to her imagined hatters.


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