‘I am Currently Dating a Lot of Men,’ Shakilla Publicly Reveals (Video)

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Shakilla is an interesting personality to study. This time, spilling unknown details about the men she is currently dating and issues around her speculated pregnancy.

The 19-year old babe featured on Chatspot with the girls, revealing she was brought up in a strict family, and looking back, she admires the young, innocent girl she was.

Having once slept in police cells for disobeying and misbehaving around her parents.

That aside, talking of her wealth and sources of income, the babe first clarified that she lives in a 2-bedroom suite even though does not work for a living.


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Further disclosing that she is able to finance her kind of lifestyle through her OnlyFans account, among her other enterprises.

Asking all trolling and judging her about how she chooses to live her life to stop because either way, she is comfortable with what she is doing.


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Her statements come barely a week after her controversial ratchet video on Tory Lanez’ InstaLive went viral.

When the question about her relationship status came up, a clearly confident Shakilla admitted;

“Si mtu mmoja, wako wengi. Wote huwa nawaweka hapo kwa ‘General’ in my DMs.”

So what about who she is looking to settle down with? Shakilla bluntly stated on Live TV that for anyone to win over her heart, they need to buy her a car first, not a cheap one, but one worth her standards.

“To get me, you need to buy me cars. I need a car by the way, before end of this year,” she clarified.

Talking of the late Ginimbi, Shakilla put it clear that she will never get pregnant for a man not her worth.

“Even if I knew him, I would not get pregnant for him. Girls usually think that when you find someone rich and flamboyant, the way to keep him is getting pregnant for him. No! there are so many ways to keep a rich man,” she attests.

Before admitting that she has been indirectly chatting with Wasafi Bongo artist, Rayvanny.

She further discusses her relationship with Kamene Goro, Xtian Dela, Mulamwah among other celebrities. Have a listen;


Shakilla Says Her Mzungu Lover Bought Her A House Worth Ksh 11 Million



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