Huddah Says She Can’t Date Kenyan Men Because They Are Too Stingy

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Socialite Huddah Monroe is vastly experienced in the relationship scene, and her latest reveal backs it up.

According to the beauty, she has dated nearly all races globally and knows which men are to be avoided and the best a woman can date.

Huddah shared a post on her Instagram Stories revealing that she has dated all races in the world, just as an experiment.

“I have dated almost all races in the world for experiment. Even Chinese, Indian, Lool! I know Asians for sure are ain’t my cup of tea!” she said.

She also gave her views on the black community saying Nigerian men are a headache and are only good for enjoyment.

The lass added that Kenyan men are not her cup of tea because they are stingy, and she likes spending money.

“A Nigerian is a headache. Not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young. Life’s about choices. Also not my cup of tea.” Hudda added. “Kenyan men can be too stingy, I love spending money.”

Huddah’s choice of men are French-speaking black men, who she praised for treating a woman like a queen. She said this type was definitely her cup of tea.

Source: Tuko

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