Huddah Monroe Indirectly Attacks Vera Sidika’s Parenting Style

Huddah Monroe has seemingly attacked mothers like Vera Sidika, who use their babies as “props” on social media in a bid to remain relevant.

In a series of Instastories posts on her Instagram page, Huddah claimed these celebrities use their babies as props to bring them fame whenever they stop trending.


Huddah said;

“I did not know babies are props. When you are not trending no more. Get a baby,”

It seems as if she has strong feelings for parents who expose their children to social media at an early age.

She noted that she was happy to not have been born recently because babies are looking exhausted in this social media age.

Huddah pointed out that a little privacy as the child grows could be a good thing, and over-exposure is bad for the growth of the children.

“These social media babies are working harder than me an adult. No chance to be a child. You must d TikTok at 1 month. Breastfeed. Poop. I cannot imagine being recorded daily like…Give me a break. I need some privacy to grow up.” she added.

Huddah Throwing Shade Towards Vera
Huddah Throwing Shade Towards Vera

She went on to add that people born in the ’70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s look a lot younger than babies born in the 2000s.

Even though she didn’t mention Vera by name, it’s not hard to see why many might be convinced she is talking about her old foe.

The two have been known to insult each other on social media on various occasions. Vera recently gave birth to her first child, Asia Brown, and ever since she has been posting her princess on social media on a daily basis.

The star even opened social media pages for her young daughter.


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