How Lilian Muli Is Giving Us Self-Love Goals On Valentine’s

Lilian Muli is giving us self-love goals for valentine’s.

Lilian Muli is one of those women you either like or you don’t. There have been enough controversial stories around her from her being a deadbeat mother to her stealing other people’s husbands. Some things are rumours and others are true but one thing that stands out about her is the love she has for herself and her carefree nature. Despite the several rumours about her she still stands tall and the mother of two apologetically living her life.

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She posted on her Instagram and said:

I believe in Love and most importantly Love of self. Happy valentines to all of you who are struggling to pick yourself up after lost Love…dust yourself up; you will Love again; but trust me until you Love yourself first nobody will ever complete you.

Of course Kenyans missed the whole point and one of her fans asked her where her bae was:

Where is Mr Ombogi ????? Madam Muli?

Lilian Muli responded and wrote “in my heart”. Lilian Muli can be quite private, though every now and again she posts controversial posts on her social media where people are left baffled or wondering who she’s with or what she’s up to.

As much as people may say about her, we agree that it’s important to love yourself and that’s the most important thing.

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