Here’s Why We Think Kelvynboy’s Supposed Attack Is A Mere Publicity Stunt

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You know? When you want to plan a publicity stunt, at least make it a bit believable for the unsuspecting ones.

Akuapem Poolo and Fella Makafui would have done a better job than what Kelvynboy and his cohorts have done here. This is an absolute fail not worth Stonebwoy’s reaction unless his palm has been greased.

So an electronic shop is opening a branch in Ashaiman, a town predominantly full of Stonebwoy fans. But instead of using the BHiM president, a smart someone said, “why don’t we add a little twist.”

Watching the two videos circulating exposes the mediocre work they want us to believe is natural. A lot of people in the video were kind of aware of the whole situation, therefore giving it all away. Here are some noticeable instances.

1. The woman drinking her Brukina like nothing is happening

Was every one brought to speed with what was going to happen because that woman seemed a lot too calm in such chaos? She continues with whatever she was doing and drinks something [I think it’s Brukina].

kelvynboy attack

2. Alo macho men

The macho men in the video saf didn’t want to beat Kelvynboy. Their unenthused self appeared like some kids playing “police and thief” back in the day.

kelvynboy attack ashaiman

3. The unconcerned phone-pressing guy

And there is this guy who follows the teeming macho men and appeared smiling whiles pressing his phone like he was WhatsApping his mom, “my life is in danger but don’t worry, it is planned!!!”

kelvynboy attack ashaiman

4. The camera positions

The second camera was perfectly positioned to capture Kelvynboy being whisked away. Interestingly, there was another camera waiting outside the shop. You still can’t see the stunt here.

kelvynboy attacked at ashaiman

Mission accomplished. What just happened is called brand positioning. Everyone now knows the electronics shop has a new branch at Ashaiman and the brand name is in almost every article relating to this subject.

Are you still not convinced?


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