Here Are Photos Of Jowie Looking Like A Snack After Jail Time

Jowie the jailbird is finally out and he looks like a snack.

You would think that after spending several holidays in jail you would come out looking traumatized and distraught right? But not Jowie, Mr. Irungu is a happy man and it’s all because he is finally free. His story has caused quite a stir from the time he was jailed to now. After a long trying time Jowie was released on bail for KSh 2m by Justice James Wakianga. Kenyan’s have tried to milk the situation with different speculations coming up from every corner but it’s just as simple as Jowie is free and honestly we must say he looks good in a suit. Jowie defended himself and said that Jacque had been granted bail and he also deserved the same after long 431 days.

Here are the photos of him after his bail was granted:

1. Doesn’t he look happy?

jowie mpasho court1 1

2. Jowie after his bail

jowie mpasho court 1

3. Getting ready for the outside world jowie mpasho court3 1

4. Looking good in a suit 

jowie mpasho court2 1

5. The “we finally did this” handshake 

jowie mpasho court1 1

Freedom is one of the most priceless gifts anyone can ever offer. Jowie’s case has been quite controversial and there are very many gaps that are yet to be filled. At the end of the day we hope that he enjoys his days while he’s out.

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