Video: TZ Headteacher Canes Fake Parent Who Went To Represent Student

A headteacher in Tanzania took it upon himself to publicly discipline by caning his student along with a fake parent he brought to represent him at the school.

In the shared video we obtained from Nairobi News, the headteacher is seen making an address at the school assembly.

Among those present is the indisciplined student with the fake parent, a man.

According to the head of school, he sent the student to fetch his parent so they could discuss the student’s limitations.

However, the student allegedly went and randomly picked up someone from the streets and brought him to the school as his parent.

Translated from Swahili, the headteacher says:

“This student has challenges which we need to solve with the help of his parent. But the student takes us for fools and decides to bring us this man, telling us he is his mother’s husband.”

He condemned the act stating that the man could be imprisoned for up to six years for impersonation.

However, he said he was not going to involve the police but was instead going to handle him with some six strokes of the cane.

To this, he said it should be a lesson to indisciplined students who might think of following the same path.

The rest of the students and teachers burst into laughter.

He then proceeded to ask the fake parent (casually dressed) to lie down. The man obliged and was flogged six times.

Here is the video:

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