Harmonize Savagely Attacks Diamond For Neglecting His Father

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Tanzanian Singer Rajab Abdul Kahali, aka Harmonize, is busy throwing shade at his former Boss Diamond Platnumz with scathing allegations of neglecting his biological father.

Performing his latest release ‘Wapo’ in Zanzibar during the climax of the Mapinduzi Cup, Konde Boy accused Chibu Dangote of only taking care of his mother while ignoring his Dad.

Diamond admitted that they rarely talk and usually only meet if it’s an emergency. His father, Abdul Juma, pleaded with his son to help him as he was helping other Tanzanians during the pandemic.

Diamond vowed to pay 3 months rent for 500 Tanzanians as a way to help them during this hard time.

In an interview with a Tanzaniab blog, Mzee Abdul said, “It will be well if he remembers me.

“He shouldn’t stay too long to a point that he forgets me, God forgives, he should also forgive.”

Adding, “I am still his father and I believe he will come back here to me. He will not have another father.”

In December, 30th 2020 when Konde Boy dropped his song Wapo, Diamond Platnumz’s fans were up in arms with him over what they termed as disrespecting their Boss in the song.

The Lyrics in question say “…Kama Baba na Mama ndio Nduzo ya Dunia, wapende wote, sio eti wa Kike anacheka, na wakiume analialia hana msaada wowote, ooh oooh, kuna watu na vitu wanatamani milele wawe wao, ukijituma watasema unashindana nao.”

However, in his new year’s message to Diamond, Harmonize said that everything he has down was to make him proud. He also thanked him for changing his life.


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“Speaking this from the bottom of my heart, I love you bro. It’s a new year 2021. Thank you for changing my life. Peke uliona dhahabu kwenye mchanga na giza jingi sanaa!”

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