Moment Hajia4Real’s B**bs Almost Fell Out After Falling In Pool With Dancegodloyd Drops Online

Queen Mona aka Hajia4Real, a popular Ghanaian socialite, just released her fourth track named ‘Baby,’ which featured none other than multiple award-winning artist, Shatta Wale.

So far, the song is doing well on a variety of internet streaming sites, particularly YouTube, thanks to all of the advertisements her term is running for her.

As the song progressively finds its way into the hearts of Ghanaians and music fans all over the world, Hajia4Real decided to post a video of the song’s dance moves online.

The video of herself and super-talented dancer, Dancegodloyd, began off quite nicely, but the ending was a near-shocker.

Hajia4Real was observed going up to Dancegodloyd after they had danced for about a minute and they both fell in a pool.

It had to be Hajia’s fast thinking in the pool to save her the shame of having all her titti3s out there for the watching enjoyment of social media users.

Check out the funny video below…


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