Gyakie “I Get Confused By How The Secondary School System Works In Ghana”

Ghanaian Afro-pop sensation, Jackline Acheampong, known in the showbiz circles as Gyakie, has shared her unhappy thoughts on the Ghanaian secondary educational system.

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Gyakie while on Accra FM with Nana Romeo, mentioned that she has a sister in high school who has opened her eyes to the profound difference in the systems between the present and the past.

“I have a sister in high school and to be honest, as compared to secondary school time, I can see that there is a huge difference and sometimes she will call me and say something but there is been a huge difference.

“Sometimes, I even get confused by how the secondary school system is like now. I think they need to pay attention to that sector as well. The educational calendar for the schools, the time that they have to go to school and the times they have to come back,” she said.

According to the ‘Song bird’ who graduated from the university recently, the introduction of Double Track in the secondary school system had her sister staying at home for a very long time before resuming.

“Before she went to school, they stayed at home for a very long time, a very long time before they had to go to school. Apparently, the divisions are quite confusing.

“They should pay close attention to the secondary school system if there is some adjustment that can be made because there is a whole lot compared to the secondary school days before. If there can be some slight adjustment to that I think that will be a good thing,” she added.

With the government’s determination that no child should be left behind, the Double Track (DT) system was introduced after consultation with stakeholders. The DT aimed to tackle the issue of increased student demand with limited infrastructure in many preferred Senior High Schools across the country.

It was introduced in 2018 to reduce congestion in schools and create room to accommodate the projected increase in enrolment of Junior High School students into Senior High Schools.

Essentially, while some of the students are home for a period of time, others are in school studying.


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