The 2017 Ghana music awards happened on Saturday, April 8, 2017, and all Ghanaian musicians were at the event except one, Stay Jay.

While his colleagues were at the VGMA’s, he was on TV3’s Music Music giving shoutouts to hairdressers.

This is how Ghanaians decided to handle the situation on twitter and it is funny AF.

1. Yes! the shoutout.


2. In case you don’t believe us, there you have it..


3. People were having fun on twitter koraa.


4. Wee smokers dema shank paa?


5. What did D-Cryme do?lol


6. Oh! charlie, sarcasm paa be this.


7. Yeah! and he’s just as big as TV3 Music Music.


8. People dey take do example self.


9. Some inspiration, at least.


10. Lol!!


11. In case you missed the show.


12. People no get chill koraa oh!!


13. E concern you?


14. At least he’s resurrecting something, what about you?


15. Some observations though.


16. Hahahahahahahahahha!!! Any challenger paa!!!

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