Granny Who Went To The US For Treatment Features In Beyonce’s Album

Luck was on the side on one Nigerian granny who had traveled to the United States (US) for treatment and then ended up getting a feature on Beyonce’s latest visual album, Black Is King.

In an interview with CNN, the 69-year-old Mojisola Odegbami revealed that she had not a clue how her life was about to change during this particular trip abroad.

Her appearance on the album is through two of the tracks titled “Bigger” and “Mood.”

In Bigger, she plays an African Queen whereas in Mood, she is the lady rocking a traditional African print while tying gele, a traditional head-wrap popular in West African-countries.

How did all this fall into place for her? One wonders.

Well, Grandma was staying at her daughter’s friend’s place. The friend has a 7-year-old son called Folajomu Akinmurele (FJ) who is an actor and main character in Black Is King.

“I was staying with my daughter’s friend, and this friend of hers has a 7-year-old son. The son, FJ, is the main character in Black Is King,” she said.

Grandma Moji would help babysit FJ when his mother was not around. She would also drive young FJ to rehearsals.

She became well known to Beyonce’s crew as “Grandma Moji”. However, she was never considered as a potential talent even though she frequented at the rehearsals.

Over time, FJ’s mother signed up with a talent agency.

Granny featured on Beyonce's album
File image of Mojisola Odegbami, the granny that was featured on Beyonce’s latest album

Then shortly after, FJ’s mother called her to return home saying it was urgent.

It was at this point that she was headed to Los Angeles to play a part in Queen B’s album.

“I was out shopping one day and she called me, and asked that I come home immediately. I was scared, you know. That was how I found myself on the way to Los Angeles that same day for a part in the album,” the grandma said.




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