Photo: OheneYere_Gifty_Anti/Instagram

This is Gifty Anti.

A veteran broadcaster who has been on our screens for decades and yet never seems to age. If you doubt us, these pictures will prove us right.

1. That’s a 47-year-old woman.


2. Those mesmerizing eyes tho.


3. Teasing.


4. Freshness all day.


5. Kinky hair all the way.


6. Calm like water.


7. This…..


8. Nana Yere Papa bi.

One of the many Oheneyere duties. Representing the Adumasahene, my husband, at a funeral, Atimpoku, Akwamu. We have a beautiful tradition

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9. Wow!! Just lovely.


10. Do you agree with us now? You wish this was bae on Valentine.


11. She’s got swag too.


12. African woman.


13. No denial.


14. Ghana’s Oprah Winfrey.


15. Correct paa!!


16. With Nana himself…comfortable lead couple


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