Give Cecilia Marfo Some Slaps If She Prophesies To You – Diana Asamoah Advises

Amongst the heavy condemnation that is being poured on Cecilia Marfo, a colleague gospel singer, Evangelist Diana Asamoah, has called on her fellows to ensure they give her dirty slaps anytime she moves to anyone on stage.

In a video that went viral over the weekend, Cecilia Marfo in a so-called prophetic trance stormed a stage Joyce Blessing was performing, snatched the microphone and asked her to return to her husband.

The incident has been likened to a similar one that occurred a couple of years ago in which she attacked Brother Sammy by slapping him under the supposed influence of the Holy Spirit.

She has been heavily condemned for her act with many intimating that her supposed prophetic act which had her snatching a microphone from Joyce Blessing in the middle of her performance was not only insulting but embarrassing to her.

Condemning the recent act, Diana Asamoah in a self-recorded video chastised Brother Sammy for being childish in his comments on the matter.

“Brother Sammy should stop coming on social media and referring to Cecilia Marfo as his subordinate and rather concentrate on addressing issues. If we are to be truthful, Cecilia Marfo came into the gospel industry even before myself, she started singing before me so you are not her mate. Speak to issues and stop being childish by concentrating on irrelevant matters,” she stated.

Having lashed out at her male colleague, Diana Asamoah in the video sighted by GhanaWeb descended heavily on Cecilia Marfo for perpetrating evil deeds under the guise of working with the holy spirit.

She called on her fellow artists to deal with Cecilia Marfo anytime she moves to anyone one stage adding that she would not hesitate to deal her some dirty slaps if she should ever come to her on stage.

“Every musician who goes to an event with Cecilia Marfo and she gets up to come and do anything like what she did the other day, just slap her. Tie her up with a microphone cable and fight her well, give her dirty slaps. If she had been treated like that once or twice, she would have stopped doing that.

If I, Diana Asamoah, should ever be on stage and she comes to me trying to do something all in the name of trending, I bet we will surely trend. We will be heard about in Kosovo. If she ever comes to you on stage make sure you slap her and the evil spirit in her will disappear, that is my advice to all of you all,” she said.

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