Ghanaian Scammer Narrates How He Slept In A Coffin To Make Millions

A Ghanaian internet scammer has shared the tale of how he acquired his wealth saying he slept in a coffin for several days just to make millions

Speaking in an interview with GhOne TV, the man whose name is protected says it happened in 2009 after he came across a wealthy woman he wanted to extort.

Unfortunately, his plan went haywire as the woman was quite enlightened.

He therefore consulted a ritualist who also said the task was beyond him.

The ritualist soon referred him to another “expert” in Benin.

On the way to Benin, the man says the commuters crossed two strange rivers to the site of the new expert where no ordinary language was spoken.

The new ritualist revealed to him that his wealthy woman was a member of a serious occult group and was therefore a “free agent”.

Allegedly, the Benin priest would appear and disappear at the shrine.

He advised our guy that his woman’s occultic forces were stronger and that they required to seek permission from India to break the chains.

Until permission was granted, the wealth-seeker was required to sleep in a coffin for a week.

Consequently, the rich woman sent over $2.6 million in a fraudulent deal.

The ritualist then spiritually “eliminated” the woman, killing her so that she would not take revenge against his client.

According to the man, the woman collapsed at the bank right after sending the money.

Here is the full video:


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