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The main aim of most rappers is to come up with beautiful rhymes that will captivate fans, thereby concentrating too much on rhymes forgetting they have a story to tell.

When the story is about love, you find rappers talking about money, cars and booze simply because they want to rhyme, sometimes even the lyrics do not make sense, but just because we love the rhymes, we just take it like that.

But to be frank, not all rappers go off line due to rhymes. We still have some rappers in the country who can rhyme from beginning to end and still stick to the storyline.

These are the rappers we wish to unveil today. Come with us, as we reveal to you, 15 Ghanaian rappers who rhyme and still stick to the storyline.

1. Obrafour

Obrafour unraveled more rhymes than we ever expected but what makes his songs marvelous is the fact that, he still manages to rhyme and without deviating from the storyline.

On his “Kwame Nkrumah” and “Aden” song, he rhymed beautifully and still followed through with the story line.




2. Captain Planet

Captain Planet may have come under a lot of backlash for his gibberish rap but one thing we can’t take from him is his ability to rhyme and still follow through with the story line.

On their “Kookoo Aduro” track, Captain Planet did a marvelous rhyme and still gave a nice story with his verse. Again in most of their songs, you don’t see him go off track with the story line and when he featured on Opanka’s “Awoof Apae” track, he did a nice story with his rhymes and never went off.




3. Sarkodie

Sarkodie may have songs he just rhymed but not all of them. There are many other songs he did rhyme beautifully and still followed through with the story line.

On his “Hand To Mouth” track, he told a nice story with all the rhymes needed. Also on his “Election Wahala”, he did not go off the storyline. He also did a nice one with the “The Masses” and “Dumsor”.

Sarkodei VGMA P 1


4. Obour

Obour from day one has shown that he’s a good story teller and rhymes well too. Most of his songs tell a story and yet he manages to rhyme nicely without going off the storyline.

From his, “Atentenben”, “Daye”, “Konkontiba”, “Menwu biom” through to “Obour”, all told a nice story and he still delivered them beautifully without going off the story line.



5. Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone has been branded as the Grand Papa of Hiplife and he deserves it. Although not all his raps make sense, he certainly stay on track with the storyline in most of his songs.

On his “Mensesa” track with Mensa, “If You Don’t Love Me”, “Ye Bounce Wo Visa’ and his “Ah” tracks, he did beautiful rhymes on all of them and still followed through with the storyline.

Reggie Rockstone


6. Okyeame Kwame

OK is well known for really following through the story line with his rap lyrics. On most of his songs and even when he’s featured in songs by other artistes, he delivers.




7. Flowking Stone

From the days of the Bradez till when he decided to go solo as Flowking Stone, he’s well vexed in rhyming strictly according to the storyline without being swayed from the main subject. On their “One Gallon”, “Simple” all the way to “Fire Bon Dem”, he’s never gone off.



8. Okomfour

Okomfour is known as a story teller and it’s one thing you can’t take away from him.Okomfour Kwadee is a beast when it comes to rapping according to the storyline, in fact he can tell a whole story with his song and still not mess up his rhymes.

From his “Kwadee 1 &2” through with most of his songs like, “Boys Boys”, “Kawonantoso”, “Abrantee” etc. Okomfoo sticks strictly to the storyline without giving us gibberish raps.

Okomfour Kwadee


9. Asem

Asem is mostly noted for his rhymes but that doesn’t make him divert from the storyline. Songs like, “Fylla” and the “The Last Song” came in with some fine rhymes and a good storyline.




10. Lord Kenya

Lord Kenya in his career churned out some fine tunes and in most of them, he followed through with the storyline without missing out on the rhymes.

Songs like, “Driver”, “Fameko”, “Mr. POP”, “Okafoo”, “Ye W’adwen Yie” etc. all came in with a nice storyline.

Lord Kenya 2


11. Kontihene

Kontihene made an outright hit with his first album all because he was good at following through with the storyline. On his “Effeh”, “Asesa” and “Madamfo Pa” tracks, he clearly showed us how to rhyme and still follow through with the storyline.



12. Reggie Zippy

Reggie Zippy took the country by storm with his “Virgin” and “For Sale” songs and in both of them he did marvelous with the story line and the rhymes.

Reggie N Bollie 2


13. Samini

From day one, Samini has been well equipped when it comes to doing music according to the storyline, he manages to rhyme beautifully too and doesn’t go off the track.




14. Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier is mostly known as the rhyme master and so far, we don’t know any rapper that can rhyme better than this dude. He is the only rapper that can rhyme with one sound in a whole verse to the end and still follow through with the storyline.

Joe Frazier


15. Manifest

Manifest besides being good with literary words is also very good at rhymes that follow through with the storyline.

On his “No Shortcut To Heaven” through to “Someway bi”, he skillfully delivers his lyrics with literary words and still manages to make them rhyme and above all it still goes with the story line.

Photo Credit: Manifestive/Instagram

Photo Credit: Manifestive/Instagram


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