Ghanaian Musician Gets Laid In State Like A Dead Man Just For A Music Video

A Ghanaian musician, Papa Richie has gone the extra mile to tell a story about death.

The musician in photos available to was laid in-state like a dead person.

His family and close friends were mourning in these photos.

The photos look very real upon first sight. However, we have gathered that they were shots from the music video of Papa Richie’s new song.

He sang about how everyone will pass on one day.

According to him, both the old and the young will die when their times are due.

He stressed that those who have fun will die—and those who do not have fun will also die.

Papa Richie’s song is a great reminder to people on the next journey ahead of them. Sadly, this is a journey of no return and death is inevitable.

See the photos below.

papa richie 1

papa richie 2



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