Ghanaian director and the man behind the movie ‘Pieli’ – The Rise of Montana, OBL has submitted the movie for consideration for the 2018 Oscars.


Pieli was submitted to a 14-member committee who will access and oversee the submission of the Ghanaian movie into the category of Best Foreign Language Film for the prestigious movie award.

The requirement of this category is that the film must be in a local language and equally meeting international filmmaking standards.

OBL confirmed the news to saying:

After all the publications by your outfit and others, calling for ‘Pieli’ to be considered to represent Ghana at the Oscars 2018, I forgot the deadline for submission (laughed). However, I gave the DVDs to my brother who was going to China to submit for me.

He finally called to inform me that he went to NAFTI and submitted it and later had confirmation from the secretary he sent to that it has reached the committee.

All the best to OBL and the Pieli crew and cast members.