Ghanaian Man In The US Drops Filthy Video Of New York To Shade Twene Jonas (Video)

A Ghanaian man living in the United States of America has posted a video on social media challenging the famous social media sensation, Twene Jonas, on his claims that the United States of America is the literal heaven that everybody has heard about.

Twene Jonas has not missed a chance to criticize Ghana’s leaders because he believes they are not governing well after abandoning his promising career as an actor and farmer in the Brong region and relocating to America.

In this video, which is currently going viral on social media, a young man whose identity has not been revealed filmed the surroundings of a neighborhood in New York City called the Bronx to suggest that America, too, has problems.

In the film, trash was seen littered on the floor, and the streets seemed filthy, implying that they had not been washed or attended to in a long time.

According to the young man, Twene Jonas’ argument that the infrastructure in the United States is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week is not completely accurate since he (Jonas) avoids places with problems, such as Ghana.

He also urged all Ghanaians who have been persuaded that every part of the United States is wonderful to free themselves from mental slavery.


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