To have a successful career as an individual, you need a partner who understands your work.

Even though celebrity divorces is on the rise, some public figures, have been with their partners for years and have no plans of saying goodbye to them.

Let’s take a look at how some celebrities and their partners looked back then and how they look now.

1. Ohemaa Mercy and hubby, Mr Isaac Twum Ampofo

They celebrated 14 years of marriage yesterday.







2. OJ and wife

OJ met his wife after he released his first album many years ago. The wife who was in Holland when he released the album called the number on the album which happened to be OJ’s personal number and through their conversation on phone, the two fell in love and later got married.


OJ and Wife then





3. Sarkodie and Tracey

Obidi and his girlfriend have been together for a long time. She got together with him when he wasn’t the Sarkodie of today.



4. Van Vicker and wife

Van and his wife, Adwoa Vicker has been married for 13 years now. We wish them well.

The picture on the left is the couple now and on the right is when they got married 13 years ago. Young Van.



5. Ceccy Twum and hubby

Gospel musician Ceccy Twum and her husband who is a pastor recently celebrated their 17 years anniversary.

The couple many years ago.



Now…..things have really changed



6. President Mahama and wife

The president and the first lady of the land, Lordina Mahama did not just start life, they’ve been together for decades.

The first couple when they got married years ago.



This is them now, life is indeed good.



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