Ghanaian Artists Come To UK To Take Pictures And Chase Women, They Can Never Compete With Nigerians

A Ghanaian DJ based in the UK has taken shots at our artistes over their unserious nature when they visit abroad.

According to Paa Kwesi Kwarteng Darko (DJ Paak), Ghanaian artistes only come to take photos for Instagram when they visit the UK.

Nigerian artistes on the other hand, use their travels to network and build their brands. The UK based disc jockey was reacting to the recent beef between Ghanaian and Nigerian acts sparked by Shatta Wale.

ghanaian artiste uk

Wale accused Nigerians of not supporting Ghanaian music even though we support them.

He then rained insults on them and sparked a terrible beef with Burna Boy.

However, DJ Paak said the reason Nigerians soar high is they know how to market themselves.

Ghanaian artistes, on the other hand, are foolishly always obsessed with Instagram instead of business.

“Ghanaians are lazy when it comes to promoting our music, unlike the Nigerians. They put much effort into promoting their music and they deserve the clout and fame their music and artistes are getting,” he said.

“I have seen some of the Ghanaian artistes come to the UK and all they do is to take picture, put them on Instagram and chase social media clout.

“They don’t try to get interviews on UK-based radio stations, perform at shows or make connections with some industry players and UK based artistes. All they do is take pictures and chase the ladies,”

This damning indictment from a UK based DJ tells you all you need to know about why Nigerians are easily beating our artistes.


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