Gengetone Ethic Issues Apology Over Latest Song

Popular Gengetone group Ethic Entertainment has issued an apology over their latest song ‘Soko’.

The controversial hitmaking group has been forced to apologize to their fans following the backlash over Soko, a couple of days after its debut.

The group has said it was not their intention to portray the lyrics in such a way.

Their apology:

We owe an apology to our fans who have been nothing but supportive throughout our journey. It has come to our attention that our recently released Soko video has unintentionally promoted Paedophilia culture. We are therefore sending out sincere apologies to all our fans and viewers at large. As a result, we have made sure the video has been taken down, it’s inaccessible and we shall not further upload it.

The group also said they are working to release better music content in the future.

We appreciate the feedback and we are also grateful for your continued patience. We love you all.

As reported by The Sauce, the song angered Kenyans on social media who have called out the group for promoting rape and paedophilia in their new song.

‘Soko’ has since been pulled down and the producers of the song might be facing prosecution following KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua statement.

In November 2019, their song Tarimbo was also deleted from YouTube on grounds that it was advocating for rape and violence among women.

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