Nigel Gaisie Reveals The Shocking Source Of Shatta Wale’s Wealth

Self acclaimed Ghanaian Dancehall King, Shatta Wale is one of the most admired and influential musicians in Ghana. However, his rise to fame did not come on a silver platter.

Following his rise to fame, two schools of thoughts have emerged surrounding the source of wealth of the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker.

One school of thought believes his money is clean whereas another group also thinks his source of wealth is questionable.

Ghanaian prophet, Nigel Gaisie has however revealed in a recent interview on Kofi Tv that Shatta Wale is completely a clean man who is actually enjoying the blessings of God.

According to him, Shatta Wale’s mother is behind his success.

He said,

“Shatta Wale is a clean guy. Those times when he used to pray in the mornings and evenings some years ago when he was still Bandana from Ghana. His mother who was a God-fearing woman attended church programs with the photo of Shatta Wale in her hands asking for prayers for him. Shatta Wale is rich because of his mother,”


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