Funny Face’s Baby Mama Says She Is Now Happily Married To Another Man

A lot of people know Vannessa as the mother of Funny Face’s children; the twin girls and the second born who is also a girl.

However, the estranged girlfriend of Funny Face has come out to disclose the reason why she won’t be going back to the comedian as his baby mama.

In a video sighted on social media, Vanessa was seen responding to some criticisms from some criticism on her page. According to her, a critic commented on her page asking her if she’s depressed because she is single and also trying to catch the attention of men on social media.

Responding to the critic in the video, Vanessa disclosed that she is married happily married to her new husband so no one should attack her on her page. When asked if she did a white wedding, Vanessa responded by saying that it was a small event between the two families.

Vanessa who was having fun with her friends at her new pub made the disclosure. When asked why she was not wearing her ring because she claimed she is married, she said she normally takes it off whenever she is cooking at her new pub. She also disclosed her new husband opened a new pub for her to keep her busy.


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