Funny Face Is Mad, He Killed A Dog Because I Said I Loved It – Baby Mama

Ghanaian comedian and actor, Funny Face seems not to be through with what he has been going through over the past few years.

The celebrated comedian has never had a happy love life as his two marriages have all failed. As if that was not enough, he has been at loggerheads with all of his ex-wives and it seems to be ripping him apart.

For the past week, Funny Face has been on a social media rant with one of his ex-wives, Vanessa. Funny Face has in the past week taken to social media platforms to blast his former wife for her bad behaviour.

Vanessa who is not happy about the situation has also replied back her ex-husband.

According to Vanessa, who is once again pregnant for Funny Face, the guy is unstable and borderline crazy.

According to her, he gets tired of anyone who stays with him in a few days and then starts behaving badly and violently towards them.

She said Funny Face once shot a dog because he claimed she was giving the dog too much attention.


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