Funny Face Fails To Repent After Rehab, Spotted Grinding Heavy Nyash (Video)

It was earlier reported on that Funny Face had earlier met Akrobeto for the first time after coming from rehab as the two share a wonderful moment.

Funny Face who was more than happy seeing Akrobeto shared some of his experiences and according to him, you dare not laugh whiles at the psychiatric hospital.

Well, in a latest video sighted by, Funny Face can be spotted grinding the nyash of a well-endowed woman.

Funny Face took to Twitter and tweeted the video with caption;

”GYE NYAME “Awww what more can I ask for in life ….. the love I get from #FunnyFans is too u all too .. met dis beautiful woman in traffic and she said I should get down so we dance.. she can really dance well

Checkout the video below;


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