There’s Nothing Spiritual About My Two Failed Marriages, I’m Just A Fool – Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face, born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, says he is taking full responsibility for both of his failed marriages.

The actor said it was his “foolishness” and obsession with big buttocks that led to the breakup of both of his marriages.

Taking to Instagram he said that he did not learn from his mistakes in past relationships and only followed his desire for buttocks into his marriages.

“There is nothing spiritual about my problem…if you keep going for people with big buttocks and you have the face problem, change your tactics,” Funny Face said.

He explained that he should rather be involved with people who would not only understand him but also help him chase his dreams.

Funny Face first divorced his wife of two years, Nana Adjoa in 2016.

Although he did not go into details of what happened he wrote in a Facebook post that he tried his best.

However, the two, in numerous interviews threw jabs at each other with Funny Face tagging the marriage as useless and Nana Adjoa calling him a two-minute man.

For his second marriage, the actor kept everything from the public eye until his twins were born.

However, the marriage seems to have hit the rocks when he revealed on Instagram that she had run away with the kids.


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