Funny Face Launches Fresh Attack On Baby Mama, Insults Her Again In New Video

If we would recall, Ghanaian comedian Funny Face and his baby mama Vanessa ended their long beef just some few months ago following the birth of their third child.

Funny Face who had previously insulted her baby mama and her entire family apologized for everything and promised to turn into a new leaf.

However, it seems that was only a nine day wonder as Funny Face has yet again insulted her baby mama in a new video.

The actor and producer published this new video on his Instagram page where he’s seen making an incoherent narrative about how some Kasoa boys beat him up.

According to him, they are two groups in Kasoa; Walantu Boys and High Tension Boys adding that he loves these two groups.

Funny Face disclosed that he went to chase a girl at Walantu side and they slapped him mercilessly.

According to him, Vanessa was the cause of what happened and ended the video by saying “Vanessa Wo Maame Tw3”.

Watch the video below:


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