F**k You!- Obado’s Daughter Sticks Out Middle Finger During Arrest (Video)

A video of Okoth Obado’s daughter sticking out her middle finger during arrest has stirred mixed reactions online considering the accusation against her.

The Migori governor was arrested along with four of his children over corruption charges.

The daughter’s signal came during the arrest at the time they were being shown the way to the police vehicles.

Watch the video below:

Whereas some Kenyans found it funny and laughed, most of those that reacted made comebacks with some more salt and shade.

Obado's daughter sticks out middle finger
Obado’s daughter sticks out middle finger during arrest

However, others commented on what her life in remand or prison might turn out to be.

Here are some of the reactions:

@only_jairo: What pains me is not the middle finger….but that majority of us here will steal the same way given the opportunity.

@MutetiNyam: She got the balls for sure, but before the case ends, she will lack the energy to lift that middle finger again.

@Jmkmutuma: Hata hizo millioni hakuna kitu zilifanya? …Dough haiwezi buy brains lakini kacommon sense kidogo!

@WakeshoMakio: Actually, I think she should have insulted us more… Because we are a fucked up nation. We know they are stealing but all we do is complain on social media. Matajiri wanazidi kuishi, maskini wanazidi kuisha.



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