Femi One Speaks On Her Beef With TikTok Queen Azziad

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Utawezana hitmaker Femi One has revealed that the discussion surrounding her and TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya makes her sad.

There has been a heated debate on social media on the role Azziad played in popularising the song and whether or not she should be paid for her efforts.

However, Femi One feels that Azziad did not contribute to the success of the banger in any way because it was already popular on the platform and that is why she jumped on the #UtawezanaChallenge.

The rapper maintains that paying Azziad should not even be a conversation in the first place and believes the conversation is sexist as those pushing for it are trying to discredit her work.

“The success of the song was a collective effort from myself, Mejja, the producer, video director and fans who participated in the challenge on social media. I was so shocked seeing people trying to discredit me on social media alluding that I don’t deserve the success of Utawezana. Mejja rapped about the same thing in the song but he is not being bashed. I feel so bad seeing people trying to discredit the work I have been putting in through the years,”

Femi told SDE.

The Kaka Empire signee said that she’s being targeted simply because she’s a woman.

“Ladies in the music industry rarely get support. This conversation is sad because I am among the few female musicians doing well in the industry. Kenyans should support us instead of bashing us. The industry is already male-dominated and for a female artist to be visible, we have to work almost ten times harder. They can’t accept that I’m female and the song I did with Mejja is a success. They feel I don’t deserve it, but Mejja does. This is something I have previously noticed in the Kenyan music industry. ”

She added.

Femi also took a shot at the Kenya Film and Classification boss Ezekiel Mutua accusing him of curtailing artiste’s freedom of expression after he termed the song as immoral content soon after it’s release.

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