Like Mother Like Daughter, Fantana And Mom Turn Heads In Extra Tight Mini-Dress

Singer Fantana and her mother caused quite the stir Thursday night as they appeared at the birthday party of Ghanaian millionaire Kofi Abban.

The mother and daughter duo pulled up looking like sisters to the event, dressed in tight and short skirts giving onlookers a good look at their assets.

In what looked like a mother-daughter competition, they both had their ‘tundras’ hanging heavily in the air to capture the admiration of fans.

Dorcas Affo-Toffey, Fantana’s mum, showed off her massive behind to put her daughter’s to shame.

A video of them walking together to the venue of the party is taking all the accolades from netizens.

Fantana’s mother in particular is being celebrated for managing to compete with and even beat her daughter at a ‘yansh’ competition.


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