Photo: NyDjLive

This is Fancy Gadam.

fancy gadam

Photo: NyDjLive


One of the greatest exports from the Northern Region who is really sending a strong signal to the South with his unique music style, which was obviously recognised in this year’s VGMA with the new artist of the year award.


Ghanaians, however, don’t understand how he made it over Medikal who was tipped to win the award because he had 7 nominations and was popular in Accra. Well for the record, Fancy Gadam has been in the industry far longer than Medikal and his fan base is enormous, he filled the Tamale sports stadium countless times and even had people dying in one of his events in Kumasi. If he had been in the South, he would have rubbed shoulders with the likes of Sarkodie and Shatta Wale.

But still, Ghanaians were shocked as to how he made it over Medikal and here are some tweets questioning him.

1. First question


2. Interesting comparisons.


3. Someone had to reply them.


4. She was just being honest, talking from Experience.


5. Those who think he doesn’t deserve it because they don’t know him.


6. Then there were those who really backed him


7. Perfect reply.


8. Shocked!! We guess.


9. Some find it to be funny.


10. People still trying to find out who he is.


11. Then came some of the funny tweets


12. Some actually think it’s Juju.


13. That’s a funny reply.


14. There were some well-wishers.


15. Someone had to school some people.

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