Ezekiel Mutua Wants To Award Akothee KSh 50,000 For Inpsiring Content

Ezekiel Mutua wants to award Akothee KSh 50,000 for inspiring content.

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua has revealed to have been impressed with singer Akothee’s recent works.

Mutua has been so impressed that he has offered money to the singer for creating inspiring content.

Sharing his message on Twitter, the moral police mentioned Akothee as the most improved Kenyan artiste.

He said to have been impressed by her content and messages of late which have been very inspiring, adding he was to reward her with KSh 50,000.

The KFCB boss also named Nairobi Senator Johnston Sakaja and his sons as winners of the most creative piece of art in creating awareness on COVID-19.

Thanking Mutua for his great gesture, Akothee said she was going to send the money to ladies who worked in night clubs as their businesses had been affected.

Thank you very much for the KSh 50,000, I really needed it at this particular time. I will send it straight to those ladies who worked in night clubs and can’t get anything to feed their children.

Akothee and Mutua weren’t always besties.

Akothee and Mutua have been at loggerheads in the past with the moral police accusing her of repeatedly engaging in acts of indecent exposure.

In February 2019, Mutua argued Akothee’s public performances were resembling someone aspiring to become a porn star.

Mutua had called Akothee some things.

In the same month, the KFCB boss also said it was “cheap and immoral” for a grown woman to expose her private parts to the world in the name of entertaining a crowd as Akothee had done during a performance.

The singer has, however, been creating impressive content with her Kamba song, Mwituasa, receiving great remarks as well as her gospel collaboration with singer Bahati.

She was recently spotted in the streets giving a helping had to a man confined in a wheelchair with no mask or food.

The mother of five said via Instagram she had gone shopping when she spotted a former friend wallowing in poverty.

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