Excited Mama Dangote Shares Tiffah and Naseeb Junior’s “Birthday Gifts”

An excited Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote has shared what she has termed as “birthday gifts” of love from two of her grandchildren, Princess Tiffah and Naseeb Junior.

Mama Diamondplatnumz celebrated her birthday yesterday, on Tuesday July 7.

Consequently, she has shared two videos of the bithday celebration developments from Zari’s daughter Tiffah and Tanzasha’s son, Naseeb Junior.

In Tiffah’s video, the lass adorably sang her bibi (grandmother) a birthday song, wishing her a happy day as she grew a year older.

The video which was shared through her official Instagram account shows her brother lying beside her.

Both Diamond and Mama Dangote picked it up and shared on their individual accounts.

On her caption, Mama Chibu captioned the video thanking Tiffah for her tender surprise while also referring to her as co-wife.

I do not know what to say or write for the love shown towards me by my co-wife. Because every year she must sing to me with so much love. Thank you Tiffah,” she wrote.

Diamond and his mother, Mama Dangote
Diamond and his mother, Mama Dangote

She continue to tease Tiffah’s brother, Nillan for being jealous of his sister after she stole the show.


On Naseeb Junior, his video came much later.

Mama Dangote’s posted the freshly received video of her youngest grandchild making baby steps.

According to her, it was a surprise meant for her birthday as she expressed there was so much love shown to her.

She even refers to young Naseeb as her husband.

“Indeed I have been surprised by Mr. Naseeb who heard that his wife has been born and started walking on the same day. Truly, Mr Naseeb loves me and wants to come to be happy with me, his wife,” the caption reads.


Naseeb’s mother, Tanasha shares a birthday with her would-have-been mother in law.

Last year when she and Diamond were still an item, the singer threw the “most important women” in his life a hell of a party dubbed “Great Gatsby.”

He showered them with an expensive gift each. Tanasha: a Toyota Land-cruiser Prado and a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 for his mother.

However, the love died and the couple fell.

The luxury car was taken back from Tanasha when she packed her bags and Mama Dangote allegedly repossessed it.


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