Eric Omondi Has Left The 1GB Community As He Stuns With New Buff Physique

Eric Omondi is no longer a member of the 1GB community as he has a new buff physique.

Africa’s king of comedy Eric Omondi has added a new feather to his cap and it has everything to do with his physique.

The funnyman popularly known for his 1GB body type left ladies drooling after stepping out while looking well-built and very fit.

Eric’s transformation.

The first people to notice Eric’s epic transformation were his loyal fans who were surprised by a video that portrayed him as a bigger version of himself.

In the clip, the star looked like his face too had gained a couple of pounds and his body had begun stacking up some attractive muscles.

His body appears to be more masculine.

The father of one who had released back to back videos mimicking Health Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kagwe Mungai’s press addresses had a different appearance.

In most of the comedian’s clips, he was not as light as he used to be during the start of his career and his body looked more masculine than it did before.

That pleased the ladies and all they could do was admire the kind of snack Eric has transformed into over a matter of few months.

Meeting Kagwe.

When he paid a courtesy call to Kagwe, the entertainer was dressed in a tight, maroon turtle neck that gave a perfect view of how much work he has been putting in the gym.

His chest was wider, tummy flatter and Eric’s muscles were nearly bursting through the seams. Anyone could easily assume that was his twin and not the comedian many people knew and loved.

Always been the small guy.

The hilarious guy who started off as a stand up comedian built part of his career based off his image.

He was always referred to as the small guy with big dreams. Once when Eric met with President Uhuru Kenyatta, the country’s leader asked him to “eat some more” because he was too tiny.

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