I Couldn’t Attend Red Carpet Events Because People Body Shamed Me – Eno Barony

Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony, has narrated how some industry colleagues continually body-shamed and subjected her personality to intense scrutiny at events.

She said their negative comments about her appearance made her feel inferior and depressed at a point in time.

Eno recounted instances where she couldn’t grace red carpet events or even step out of her room as a result.

“When the insults started coming I became really sad. Though I’m like this behind cameras, I’m a very shy person. I wasn’t going on red carpets because I feel like those particular people will be there to body-shame me. I wasn’t going out because I mostly did not know what to wear. I’ve tried a lot of things including wearing skimpy clothes,” she stated.

Nonetheless, “the female rap goddess” has established that unlike the past, she feels a lot better about herself and no amount of negativity can deter her from pursuing her dreams.

“Why will you sit somewhere and body-shame someone who was created in the image of God. I feel like when you’re insulting me, you are insulting God. So I don’t give a heck about what anybody says about me. I’m nice. I’m not even fat like how people see me. I’m endowed in the right places,” she stated.


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