Rawlings Is Very Sad In Heaven – Prophet Elisha Salifu

Since the demise of Ghana’s former President Jerry John Rawlings, a lot of self-acclaimed pastors have come out to make very controversial claims about his death.

A lot of these men of God claimed they knew that the former Ghanaian leader would kick the bucket.

Just after Rawlings’ death a woman named Emefa also claimed she could bring Rawlings back to life.

In another hilarious development, Ghanaian prophet, Elisha Salifu Amoako, has claimed that he saw the late former president Jerry John Rawlings in heaven looking unhappy.

According to him, Rawlings complained about dying so soon, explaining that he has unfinished business to do for Ghana.

He further revealed that, the former president is worried about not getting anyone of his courage, zeal, and charisma to do for Ghana what he had in mind to do before his untimely death.


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